Bristol – Chasing Gromit and Banksy in one day

To travel to Cardiff, I have two options.  One of them is a flight to London followed by a three hour coach trip. The other option is a low cost air flight to Bristol, followed by an hour train ride to Cardiff. I’ve tried both options and both have their pros and cons.

Just last Monday, I traveled via Bristol. Since I was only needed in Cardiff for an induction day on Wednesday, I decided to spend Tuesday in Bristol. This turned out to be fantastic because I was delayed on the flight leaving Malta by over 7 hours and therefore arrived in Bristol, and the hostel at around 3 am!

Turns out that Summer 2013 in Bristol is great. If you do have some time, a few days trip would be fantastic. The weather was fantastic, warm but not the heat of the heat wave they had a couple of weeks ago. Having only one day, I tried my best at going through the entire map. This resulted in sore feet and swollen ankles but a very satisfied Roberta.

Gromit Unleashed is happening all over with designed Gromits (over 60!) splashed all over the city. I snapped a couple of them on my walks – with the final one at the airport! It is for a great cause and at the end of the 10 weeks they will all be auctioned off! It was fun seeing the kids’ glee at finding a Gromit and the queue for the photographs!

While it was fun chasing Gromits, I was keen on finding some Banksy art. There are apps for this but I wanted to do it old-school style. I asked at the Bristol National and Art Museum and they directed me to three important ones-the man hanging outside the window on Park Street, the spray painting on the side of the Thekla (a boat) and the famous teddybear-grenade one in Stokes Croft. I didn’t make it to Stokes Croft and Gloucester Road – a trip for another time.

I loved the street art though and all the independent shops. I was so happy entering the vintage clothing/home accessories and flea markets that Primark and H&M seemed drab after them! Bristol is definitely a place I’ll visit again, if just to find the teddy bear! Seeing as I will be so close, it shouldn’t be a problem either!



4 thoughts on “Bristol – Chasing Gromit and Banksy in one day

  1. I’m glad you got to experience so much of Bristol in such a short space of time. There’s also one at Paddington Station in London, in case you happen to pass it in time. I didn’t know there was a Gromit outside the airport and that’s only up the road from me! 🙂

    • That’s awesome! Pity I won’t be in London in time! The one of Bristol Airport is inside the Departures Lounge! 🙂

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