The Maltese Cross

Flag of Malta
Flag of Malta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cross of the Knights Hospitaller, called the M...
Cross of the Knights Hospitaller, called the Maltese Cross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day is getting closer. It is now less than a month until I’m in Cardiff.

I was thinking the other day, of what I should take with me to remind me of Malta. Not that I will need remembering what with my parents skyping everyday!

While walking in Mdina the other night, Emanuel (the boyfriend) pointed out a lace parasol hanging out of a souvenir shop. I fell in love with it and thought it would be a nice reminder of home. Emanuel has been abroad on studies before and explained to me that all international students had something that reminded them of home.

I passed through the shop and my eyes fell on some dish cloths – terribly tacky and kitsch dish cloths mind you. But I got a glimpse of the flag – not the Maltese flag, but the KnightsHospitallers flag. This flag has a beautiful depiction of what is known as the Maltese cross. In the mid 16th century, when the Knights were in Malta, the cross (then known as the Amalfi cross) became known as the Maltese cross. The irony of coming across this symbol in Mdina is that the Knights never liked Mdina (the old capital) and built Valletta instead of it!

You might be asking why the Maltese cross flag rather than the Maltese flag. I have always fancied the Knights’ flag more than my own flag though why this is , I cannot really pinpoint! So I bought this 90×150 cm flag and it will be proudly on display in my tiny room once I take residence.

What have you taken from your home town when you travelled for long periods of time?


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