Better get used to it!


Its 1pm and my lights are on. On a regular day in Malta, even in the middle of Winter, this does not happen. However this is not a regular day. Around the first week of September the weather in Malta nose-dives and freaks out for a couple of days. People expect it and in fact, a thunderstorm has been in the forecast for a couple of days now. The great thing about our tiny island, is that it is often a hit or miss. The storm could pass us by and travel through the sea or , on another day, it could reach our island and cause havoc. Today is that day.

The weather is still hot, in fact a lovely 25°C. In just a couple of hours the sun will come out again, and it will be as if nothing had happened. I know that this will be different in Cardiff. I have to get used to days without the sun making an appearance. It will take getting used to; the grey skies and clouds, and the endless drizzle.

One positive thing about Cardiff is that the humidity (which is about 98% in Malta), is relatively low and therefore it is easier to feel warm in clothes and inside. In Malta, due to having houses to manage the heat, we fail to retain warmth. The humid cold enters your bones and one can never feel warm, even by the fireplace. The worst thing about the humidity though is this:

This will be different in my place of residence hopefully, due to central heating. Can’t wait for cosy cuddly nights of warmth!



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