A bag of Freebies later..

Yesterday was National Companies Fair in the Great Hall in the Student Union. Having decided to spend the day on my own, since we had a Postgraduate Meet and Mingle, I was at first worried that I would not find my way to the Student Union from Allensbank House (where I’m staying).

I took up the challenge as I didn’t want to use the bus, and voila’ , I arrived.  Moreover, I noticed some landmarks on the way which I am now associating with my new home and the cemetery doesn’t half creep me out anymore! ( I am, however, not comfortable enough as of yet to shortcut through it!)

Lidl is the final check point before entering Cathays. This is the student hub, as indicated by this massive sign as soon as you turn the street. It seems to say : This is our street, bitchez!

2013-09-23 12.44.50




The Lidl here is nothing compared to the one in Malta and seems to be terribly messy, but of course, also terribly cheap! Other landmarks are a restaurant called “The Heath” (terribly original) and the Maindy barracks, apart from the aforementioned cemetry!

Another positive thing which must certainly mean I’m adapting is that I didn’t even look for the sun today! It hasn’t popped up at all these two days, and I’m getting used to it. The main problem for me is that the sky is usually an indication of the time; with this weather the sky looks excatly the same at 6am , 11am and 5.30pm! Weird!

A lesson I learnt today is that I should not go walking for long distances in a thick hoodie and a jacket. It is too hot for that. Another lesson is that using your iPod is a definate way of improving walk time – you do not see the time go by at all. I walked over 40 minutes today and felt like I did little over 20. Yay me!

Here is a photo of me being a true local – tea in the local pub!2013-09-24 18.56.14

2013-09-23 14.52.27



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