I’m a Cardiffian! (fish and chips left!)

Coming into the month of October, I have now been here more than 10 days. I have opened my bank account, done my first laundry wash (no glitches!) and started lectures.

Ironically, for all my achievements, yesterday was my first night out (past midnight!). What  a night it was. It started with a China night up in Flat 29 where we were treated to real Chinese food from two very expert chefs and new friends – Channy and Catherine. The block is teeming with amazing people! They had really gone out of their way to treat us. We had fish, pork, fried rice and broccoli. My favourites were the shrimps and the potatoes. The potatoes were divine. that comes from someone who doesn’t like potatoes much! I even asked Chan for the recipe (which is here: http://www.grouprecipes.com/133278/chinese-hot,-sweet-sour-shredded-potatoes.html)

After some wine,food and frozen yoghurt with Rod (from Ukraine) and Nili (from Canada) we went to visit some course mates at their place in Roath. It was nice to get to know them and share each others tastes in funny videos and music! We went on from there to Live Lounge, where the queue was indicative of how awesome the place was.

What a difference to the clubbing scene in Malta. I appreciate the love for techno and house music in Malta, but how so much more funky is the mix of music this DJ was spinning! We had everything from Highway to Hell, to Sex on Fire, to Thrift Shop. One word – AWESOME!

3am and I felt like an Undergrad! We called a taxi, opened the door of our block, followed by that of my flat and room, changed and snuggled into bed – feeling like I was home!

I’d love to tell you more about the University experience – but there is so much to tell you, and so much improvements to my undergraduate experience that it must fit into another post!2013-09-27 18.47.12 2013-09-27 18.41.46 2013-09-27 18.41.55 2013-09-27 18.42.06 2013-09-27 18.44.29


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