Back home from home

I have been back ten days. In those days I spent a night in Bristol, has lectures, submitted an assignment and sat an exam. My first ever Post-grad exam!

It is a funny feeling, being back home from home. I understand what my Dad means about having two homes, and being able to enjoy both, in very different ways. I must say that landing in Malta was so exciting for me on the 19th December that I couldn’t believe my own feelings. It truly is a unique experience and one that reverberated throughout my holiday.

It was a beautiful holiday and every day was filled with a renewed appreciation of my wonderful country, my amazing family and my super boyfriend. My country I was most surprised with. I could be a tourist and snap photos (with my new Christmas present) , sit in the sun and eat pastizzi and drink Kinnie and Cisk. My most special moment was in Sliema, looking at the crystal blue sea and all the wonders beneath it, across to the never-ending horizon and the blueness of the sky – in January!

Few moments compare to the family gatherings, the Monopoly nights and the sheer calmness of it all. Everyone was so busy, but as a family we always made time for each other, and could share the daily routine of each other’s life. Getting back into a routine of waiting for Emanuel’s phone call to say he has come to pick me up are little things that make everything in the big picture so much more worth it.

Yet, I did not feel the pining for Malta that many describe. I feel I came to terms with my freedom from it, and over my resentment at what it could not provide. This holiday made me realise that I can have my cake and eat it, and I will. I love my country but I have so much to achieve before I can go back. I just wish my family and Emanuel were here to share the journey with me. Even while saying that however I know that part of the adventure is my experience in a new place, new people and new friends with which to build something big out of my dreams.

Here are some amazing photos to enjoy!012 024 027 037 051 053 060 066 076


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