The number 22

The number 22 has followed me throughout my life. When I was merely 10, there was a raffle at the school, and my first choice was the number 1, not being very imaginative or creative. It was taken and so was the second choice, the number two. So rather than continuing down the sequential route, I opted to double my number to double 2. I won the raffle.

Important events and things in my life have been constantly associated to this number, coincidence or not. The first time I re-chose the number for the lottery I won 15 Maltese Pounds which was a lot to me in those pre- stipend, pre-working days. Another silly example of how the number has popped up throughout the years is in the T-shirt number of Diamante – the Italian player who scored in the semi-final in the last Euro cup!

I am now going out with a very special man, who designed a campaign for student rep elections which was held on the 22nd November 2011. After the election was over, and the votes were counted, we had our first date. We are still together, 3 years 3 months on. We celebrated our 22 months with 22 small gifts to each other.

Now 22 has entered my life again, in another life changing way. The condition that has immediately struck me since beginning this MSc. has been the 22q11 deletion syndrome, also known as VCFS. The fact that the deletion is found on chromosome 22 is only part of my attraction to the condition. Being variable in clinical presentation it is often ages before a diagnosis is made, causing anxiety and frustration in parents. This is what I want to focus my research in the next year and a half on.  I believe being interested is what will keep me motivated and going on, even when the name 22q11 gives me headaches! No doubt, the 22 charm will help too!

I can’t wait to let you know about my research proposal and to highlight the amazing University I am in, but I will wait until I get feedback first!

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