Spring in the City

Spring has always been my favourite season, but I clearly had no idea how good it could get. Spring in Malta is beautiful simply because the humidity seems to become more bearable and the sun doesn’t hide behind clouds.

Spring here is another thing completely. It is the true definition of growth, re-birth and colour. The weather has not yet improved substantially but the surroundings more than make up for it! As I may have said previously, the weather hasn’t been as bad as I imagined it to be and now, all this colour makes it all the more bearable.

To make use of my camera, and my Sunday, I set off to Bute Park. I first discovered Bute Park with my parents three weeks ago and have been waiting for the sun to come out to enable me a re-visit! It was windy and cold but I hardly noticed my purple fingers in my enthusiasm to take photos. The skeletons of winter are blossoming and although it may be described as an allergen nightmare, I love seeing the small flowers and berries make their appearance.

Bute Park is found right next to the Castle, and there is a small cafe at the entrance known as Pettigrew teahouse. Apparently, their afternoon tea is amazing! Within the park are the Sophia gardens (which some people insist on calling ‘Sapphire Gardens’ , and the Blackfrairs Frairy (or where the Frairy originally stood! – you can see a small model in the pictures). They have a number of wood carvings and stone structures and all in all it is perfect for a walk, jog or simply sitting down with a book to read!

My favourite flower here in Cardiff is no doubt the daffodil. the daffodil, together with leeks, are the national symbols of Wales. I had no idea daffodils could come in different colours apart from yellow. The prettiest are the orange and yellow ones although the white and yellow give a beautiful contrast too!

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