The Rosie Project

I have not have much time to read lately, however this book has really grabbed my attention. It has helped me go back to my usual bed-time reading which I am being to re-discover is the perfect way to go to bed.

This book is charming in its simplicity and although perhaps predictable, you wouldn’t want it to end any other way. The process, rather than the ending is what is capturing. I fell in love with the main character immediately. He reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, although I like Gene so much more. You just root for him to win at everything!

Although the main aim is to be light reading, it nudges the reading to how easily we judge people who don’t quite think the way we do. Having a boyfriend with a creative mind who sees things in patterns , I’ve come to admire that humans have different brain processes and this is a good thing.

The lobster recipe he uses on Tuesday has also prompted me to try to make lobster for the first time!

A good 5 stars from me!


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