Day One back on the Rock

I’m not sure if it is just the extended duration of the trip to get here (never doing a Greyhound coach again!) or the weather, or the weird way in which the pilot said Malta, but I did get teary-eyed as I noted the church of Hal-Luqa (the village my Mum hails from).

I refrained from clapping as we landed, which is a very Maltese thing to do, but could feel the excitement as I rushed out the plane into the warm air, and avoiding the packed escalator, almost jumped down the stairs and into the arms of my man.

The hype has not left me this morning as I woke up to hear birds (not seagulls!) and my sister putting on her make up as she got ready for work! Here are some things I re-discovered the beauty of the simple things in Malta.

1. Going out without a jacket for a 20 minute walk and feeling like you need to hang up to dry. Bliss! In other words the pure bliss of the sun and the heat!

2. Waking up to sounds of tea-making (a serious business)

3. Having Breakfast with the cat in the garden. The beautiful garden with the naspli (loquat) tree!


4. Listening to the melodic sound (or not) of Neighbours sharing a greeting in Maltese while cleaning the porch (they cleaned the night before)

5. People stopping by the side of the road because they recognized you and treat you as if you haven’t set foot on the island in decades!

6. Family – so much of it (all 8 phonecalls to relatives complete!)

I will take pictures of my beautiful garden and the beautiful sky and post them later on!




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