The Maltese food dilemma

As I was chopping up my last Gbejna (peppered goats’ cheese) today, I couldn’t help but chide myself for not placing more food in my luggage. I am now officially out of Maltese stock, apart from something capers and half a packet of Helwa tat- Tork.

I opted out of taking Twistees and Kinnie with me this time round, but I inevitably still stop myself from ordering Kinnie in any restaurant. Kinnie is an amazing soft drink made with aromatic herbs and bitter oranges. My friends on the course will disagree – they can’t stand the stuff. I cannot for the life of me understand why! I have never (as yet) considered taking Cisk (local beer) up with me  since the beer, ale and cider selection here in Wales is amazing!



What I miss most about food is the bread. I love the crunchy-soft contrast and the smell of it toasted. It doesn’t and will never compare to sliced bread or any loaf on offer here. However, taking up Maltese bread is limited since I am only entitled one fridge shelf and one freezer shelf (enough to hold two loaves at most!). My sister and I was attempted to take up bread dough to Bahrain where my Dad was working, but the results were a swollen dough that had been activated in the heat and grew too big for the plastic that was holding it!

I think I belong to the cohort of people who live to eat, rather than eat to live. Food in itself is such a sociable, enjoyable thing. Like a Greek friend of mine said yesterday, it is not only the food you miss, but the atmosphere that surrounds a good meal!




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