I have been thinking of the idea of sensationalism ever since I wrote the poem the other day.Our priorities aren’t quite in the correct order either. Our thirst for something shocking makes us disregard something less interesting but of immense value. Just the other day the top hashtag became WhatSolangesaidtoJayZ or something like that. That became more important than #bringbackourgirls. What girls? We have forgotten them already.

In Malta there are EP elections happening on Saturday. Yet political parties are bickering among themselves what this will mean for Them, not even focusing on the individual candidates. We’ve shouted out about civil unions and gay adoption because that is the ‘in’ thing, however we are more reluctant to talk about immigrants and animal rights, just cos it isn’t trending. Instead of talking about the real issues, one of the top bloggers on the island decides to mock a candidate for his poor typography choice. Boo Hoo , big deal.

I’m tired of Facebook friends sharing all these inspirational quotes, videos and blogs. I wonder how much of them they actually absorb because if they did , the world would be getting better at a more drastic pace.



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