There is always a show in Cardiff!

Yesterday was a truly memorable evening. I went to watch the West end hit Let it Be , going through the hit songs of the Beatles. I was surprised to be one of the youngest there, but equally amazed at the energy at the New Theatre. From the outside, based on a street full of snazzy hotels and clubs, the new theatre would seem like a closed down movie theatre were it not alive every night with audiences streaming in and out.

Let It Be (Touring) artist photo

I have been there 3 times to watch beautiful pieces, all very different from each other. Fiddler on the Roof was in a class of its own with the perfect accents and the total manipulation of the stage and the instruments. The second time I went to New Theatre was to watch Cinderella the ballet. To make things better, they are now releasing a Disney re-make. Can not wait! The ballet was lovely, with the princes impressing me almost more than the ladies did! Let it Be has to be one of the most shows on the West-End though, with music everyone loves, and nostalgia everyone needs.

New Theatre is not the only place to watch shows in Cardiff. Anyone watching Britain’s Got Talent this year will notice that the auditions in Cardiff where held in the Millennium Centre, which is beyond doubt one of the most beautiful artistic things decorating the Bay. I went to see the Nutracker on Ice here and was left enthralled by the magic of it all.

The prices for students are really good, both at the Bay and at the New Theatre. The stalls in the upper circle are the cheapest but because the circle is so steeped, you can see very clearly down below. In fact for Cinderella I must say I could admire the footwork. At the Millennium centre as well as at the Hayes Library, some music shows are shown free of charge. Click on the links to see their events!



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