One year on : The weather

Do not believe them when they warn you about the weather. Do not believe them when they say you will never experience Summer in the UK.  Undoubtedly I have been lucky this year but the scares compelled to be wholly unprepared for the Indian Summer we are witnessing in Cardiff and other parts of the UK. This, of course, means that I have no summer wardrobe, no sunscreen and no sunglasses. Therefore as my scout husband would say : Always be prepared.

Walking home from the city centre today for the last time this year, I could almost hear a beach playlist playing in my head. You know, the type you would hear in the background as you’re sauntering across Ghadira bay for one of those Jamaican slushes from the kiosk (though you’re more likely to be hopping-running rather clumsily in the burning hot sand, but let’s not cut the romance!). The first thing I did on arriving was finding my previously saved Summer playlist off Youtube and play it for the first time in over a year.

Here is one just for you:


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