London Town

June 23rd – Day 1 in Guy’s Hospital

Dear Diary,

Enthralling. Exciting. Enticing. Invigorating. What’s not to love in London? Is it really London that makes me feel so giddy or a culmination of childhood dreams becoming reality. Working in London. Breathing London air. Merging with the London crowd.

I guess one might ask: What is so special about standing in a sardine-packed train to Waterloo station to make your way on your commute to Guy’s Hospital – one of the best renowned hospitals in the UK?

Sensational. Incredible. The notion of walking out of the station right under the shard. Looking out of the train window and seeing the London Eye and the Big Ben. Going home with a folded London Evening Standard and a season ticket ready to whip out every couple of metres.  Isn’t it the perfect image of grown ups.

The activities, opportunities are boundless in London. Borough Market, London Bridge, the Tate – all walking distance from Guy’s. What’s not to love in London Town!? Best.City.In.The.World.

And let’s not forget Guy’s. The terribly brilliant experience surrounded by renowned Genetic Counsellors, expertise living in wait in the Borough wing! Did you know that over healthy babies have been born out of the PGD unit there? All the members are lovely and helpful. I can;t wait to absorb as much as possible and try my hand at a few things!


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