Jane Austen’s Box Hill

When my aunt mentioned today that we would be going to Box Hill for a picnic, I thought the name sounded familiar. It is in Surrey and my aunt said it probably was mentioned for the Olympics since it formed part of the cyclists track during London 2012.

However on arriving to the top of Box Hill in Dorking, next to Riagate, a snapshot of the scenery brought me to my senses. I was taken back to Emma, the books by Jane Austen, and the picnic that turned out to be disastrous after Emma terribly misbehaved and was told off by the lovely Mr. Knightley, after which she cried all the way home. This was the saving grace of the book for after this chapter I couldn’t put the book down. In  my A level, my essay was about this scene and I could now see that Austen must have been here since it was described perfectly. She must have spent some time here, although I know she spent her last eight years somewhere in Bath.I must visit the museum sometime soon!

(I found this picture on this blog which I have fallen in love with! http://janeaustensworld.wordpress.com/2008/03/21/emma-picnicking-on-box-hill/ . It gives a history of picnics and the literature and British culture)

Box Hill, as the name implies,is on a large hill. This means that the views are beyond picturesque! Here are a couple of pictures! It was interesting to see planes land in far-away Gatwick and up close the magpies swooping through low hanging trees. A good place for walks and nibbles and playing for children; April, my four-year old 2nd cousin had a whale of a time!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day with my aunt and uncle, and I have seen that Surrey is full of hidden treasures.



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