It can all be terribly overwhelming watching the news these days. I am easily traumatized, easily plagued with images. The news is also slightly surreal as we seem to have access to so much of it. It is difficult to imagine Ukraine in the state that it is, or to properly feel the threat of IS in the comfort of the A/C at home. Everything seems to be taken place in different dimensions where trending topics are #Syria and #BrangelinaSecretWedding respectively.

The feeling that seizes me is one of helplessness, and it is easy for me to plunge into a mixture of depression and guilt. That is how I always remember myself -avoiding the news because of sleepless nights. In search for books of ‘Why them not me?’, I always find the opposite. Why am I suffering, why am I sick? etc. Shows the shallowness of the human brain I think.

In these times of distress, I think about the little things, the simple things. I prayer for help and I pray for hope. Where can I make a difference? I try to fill myself with hope, that if every person that felt like I did made an effort to be kinder, more helpful, more hopeful, we could create stronger people, and stronger communities. I don’t know how but somewhere, somehow, this makes sense to me. This is helping. In Guy’s hospital I wasn’t saving the world, but I was perhaps making sense of life for a family, or giving support to someone bereaved. I remember this song and try to cheer up:


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