Ten Books

Nominations have been going round on facebook for a variety of things. I have been nominated to list 10 books that have in some way changed me or simply stuck with me. Not all of the books have changed me, but nostalgia is definitely associated with most of them.

1. Winnie the Pooh in The Hundred Acre wood – A.A Milne

I have spoken about Pooh in another blog post. The simplicity and wisdom of the bear is    I’m sure one of the main reasons my Mum was so fond of the characters.

(from the telegraph.co.uk)

2. Animal Farm – George Orwell

One of the books that taught me about life and about my own ideologies. Thanks to my parents I’ve always been brought up with an open mind and this book was interesting to process.

(from http://share.nanjing-school.com/)

“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”

3. Watership Down – Richard Adams

You’d think I would have gone of Rabbit stew after this book. I was hooked to the book, and only recently found out that there was another book published called Tales from Watership Down.

(from Amazon.co.uk)

4. Atonement – Ian McEwan

One of the best books I have read in recent years. I read it over 3 times, and not only because I decided on the spur of the moment to sit for my English A Level. It prompted me to read more from McEwan such as On Chesil Beach.

The picture is from the pivotal moment in the book, also made a movie.

 (from http://homoliteratus.com/)

5. A Voice in the Wind – Francine Rivers
I spent a reasonable stretch of years really interested in religious novels and Francine Rivers is one of my favourite. Set in the time right after the resurrection of Jesus, this moving story describes one of the first Christians and her struggle with faith, in a time where the Colosseum was full of dying Christians. A great read. The other two books in the series, are also incredible.
 (from http://www.goodreads.com)
6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
This is the third book in the series and one I have read over and over again. It is the first time we meet Sirius – my Favourite character!
(from warner brothers)

 7.  Woman of Substance – Barbara Taylor Bradford

The secret of life? It is to endure. I read this book when I was a young teen and the growth of one woman always inspired me. I cannot say the same of the other books in the series, possibly because the main protagonist took a back seat and it was always her I had admired.

(from silversistersmedia.co.uk)

8. Matilda -Roald Dahl

My two favourite books by Dahl are Matilda and the BFG however the one that influenced me the most was Matilda. In fact, I can’t wait to see the West End show in London. Maltilda convinced me that my already avid reading habit was good for me! Wasn’t the little girl the cutest too?




Matilda - matilda Wallpaper

9. The Fry Chronicles

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Best of British Comedy. I also love autobiographies and have read a number of them, mostly those of politicians. Stephen Fry’s autobiography merges brutal honesty and amazing literature in one. He loves the english language and treats it with such respect! His documentary on Manic Depression and AIDS are also deserving of a watch.

10. Sarah’s Key – Tatiana de Rosnay

I bought this on a whim and has been one of the most harrowing World War II stories I have read. The image of the little girl is with me whenever I think about the war or this book.



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