French Toast nostalgia

First of all, Hi to my new followers!

I was planning to visit Roath Craft Market this morning but  my cold (second one this Winter already!) has made me re-think that decision. It will be there next week after all! My budget rejoices!

To compensate for being stuck inside on a day when the sun has risen, I decided to make myself a childhood favourite. Saturday mornings when we were young were often dedicated to hobbies – I started with Piano, then Art, then Drama/Dance. I could never settle. My sister Victoria had piano and athletics (she was not a give-upper!). These hobby days usually started with french toast breakfasts.


This was inevitably one of the earliest things I learnt to cook, and neighbours used to worry that Mum and Dad would leave my sister and I, and then my little sis Michaela alone at the hob. I remember Michaela getting on a chair to cook it she was still so small! (We have a photo somewhere I am sure!).

In holiday season the neighbours used to come round in their pyjamas and be treated to french toast as well. Eggs, bread and jam galore. It was like a breakfast factory! Such good times. The smell of it still takes me back and brings a smile to my face on days like today when the sun refuses to rise in Cardiff.

Emanuel, being the most creative boyfriend ever, was intrigued by my explanation of french toast. I was equally surprised that he had not had the sweet taste of French toast in his childhood. Together, we make this elaborate version of French toast. As with his lasagna and Cajun chicken, this has become a staple! However I still need him to test the simple childhood version!


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