I see cheese everywhere

I am on my last coach to Cardiff from London. My second placement is over. We had a small leaving do in the genetic counsellor office and I mistakenly (but heavenly!) popped a protein choc chip ball in my mouth. I promise you I didn’t know! It was so good but I did spit out half of it (in a non gross way!)

Chocolate is fairly easy because I’ve been doing it for years so it has become habit. The difference this year is that I’m doing it for a  cause – DeChox by the British Heart Foundation.

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Cheese on the other hand is a different matter. I honestly didn’t think it would be so difficult!  Everything has cheese, especially fast food snacks or yummy sandwiches. And since I’ve been commuting and living out of a suitcase this has been my main food course. I’m looking forward to being home in Cardiff, doing a nice shop, filling my fridge with yummy healthy wholesome food (although still  no cheese).