Our new friend Frankie – Easter Part 1

IMG_0790 IMG_0791 IMG_0793 IMG_0797 IMG_0798 IMG_0801I’m back to the grinding work that is being a Masters student. At least the sun in Cardiff is Shining! That makes everything better.

Easter break was great, because it was just that. A super break. I went to Poole to see the boyfriend. Then went to Canterbury – but more on that tomorrow. For now, the joys of Poole.

Poole has everything a Malteser could want, which basically means the sea. It also has a lot of birds, something Maltesers apparently don’t want (at least 50% don’t – read tragic story here).

Poole is a coastal town next to Bournemouth, and is quieter more peaceful than the city next door. Apparently Poole was quite a popular harbour following the Norman invasion but its history can be traced back to the Iron Age.

Poole was a Royalist town in the Civil War and Corfe Castle was captured. I haven’t been to see Corfe Castle yet, as I prefer living the lifestyle and scenario of a place before indulging in the history but this is definitely on my list.

2015-04-05 19.10.14

Its position is perfect on the South Coast for lots of things to see and do.  I am planning to work there over the summer to be closer to Emanuel as well as soak up the beauty of the place. These include places like the Jurassic Coast, Stonehenge, Brownsea Island and Sandbanks. Sandbanks has, by area the fourth highest land value in the world. Emanuel, what are you waiting for , take me!

You may still be wondering as to my title. It relates back to the birds, namely seagulls. On my first visit to Poole, I was nearly attacked by a hungry one who wanted my pork and cranberry sausage roll. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with a visitor of Emanuel’s little flat. he must have been there for years because Frankie the seagull is incredibly domesticated. He must have been fed previously by the flat’s previous owner. Most mornings we’d hear a tapping at the window, and it is Frankie saying hello! We don’t feed him but he is relentless. Because I am an early riser he now comes to look at me and nod, and have a little bath on Emanuel’s window sill (if it has been raining!).  He is the cutest thing!