My Canterbury Tale

Just after Easter, Emanuel and I had a trip planned to Canterbury. Emanuel had been there before, having done a Masters in Fine Arts in the University there. It was so nice to go to places he had been before, with that insider knowledge and nostalgia.

Canterbury is a beautiful rich town full of beautiful parks, the river and history. Emanuel and I are avid holiday makers and our idea of a holiday is walking non stop and cramming everything into a tiny holiday. We were staying at Matt and Laura (an air BnB host) and they were so lovely and helpful! They also had a massive Marmite collection – placemats, mugs, timers, aprons and the works!

My only knowledge of Canterbury was from Chaucer’s classic and

even then, Chaucer is not known to have ever visited the place. My favourite part of Canterbury were the cobbled streets, with their vintage stores. The river tour was a nice touch on our last day, because it gave us a chance to hear about the growth of Canterbury over the years. I would definitely recommend it.

The Cathedral is closed and opened every day with the sound of a 17th Century bell. I did not get the opportunity to see inside, but the gardens were beautiful. I was so pleased with our trip there but in that holiday we had loads to see (next up : Whitstable!)

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