Colourful and confusing coding

This is the first time I am attempting to work with qualitative data and I must say it is quite an experience. My supervisor is a queen and I have enjoyed meeting her and listening to her advice. Qualitative analysis is one of the things I think which you can never really learn about from lectures. Since every person’s data is different, extracting meaningful findings (finding never results!) is a personal experience. Looking through other people’s thorough work is helpful and I’ve used Bruan and Clarke as the Bible as well as looking at my supervisor’s previous work.

I have chosen Thematic analysis as a means of looking at my data and I love it. It seems to me to be a game a puzzle. These youtube videos have helped loads but mostly are these highlighters and fluorescent stars. Nothing like colour to highlight to beauty of people’s lived experiences. Can’t waiting to start piecing things together!coding


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