This Man explains Autism in a similar way to how I view it

“By autistic standards, the normal human brain is easily distractable, obsessively social, and suffers from a deficit of attention to detail. To be sure, autistic people have a hard time living in a world not built for them.”



Oh How I love to be by the seaside

The weather has just decided to do a usual U-turn, midway through a heat wave. It just can’t handle the pressure (literally, the low weather pressure). Do not lose faith however because my post will take you back to blue waters and seaside. My post on Whitstable is finally here!

Whitstable was part of my Guy’s Hospital adventure, and similar to Midas’ golden touch, it was always going to be a beacon of beauty, even if I had only been to a clinic room there. I had the chance to witness all its corners over Easter when Emanuel and I were in the Canterbury region. Without a doubt this was my favourite part of the holiday.

Whitstable is known for the oysters, and it is teeming with oyster shells, and oyster stalls. Following a bad experience a couple of years ago, I declined tasting them, but have regretted it ever since.

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The tradition of oysters in Whitstable dates back to the Romans according to the The Whitstable Oyster Festival association. If you are interested in the Oyster festival it is due to happen in late July, ironically outside the season of the native oysters since the ‘farmers’ are too busy during the season.

Another attraction in Whitstable are the beach huts which reminded me of those retro beach ads! We were lucky to have glorious weather but quiet –  I can imagine it is crazy at this time of the year and later into the Summer. They are all painted differently and that adds to the attraction. It was fun trying to find our favourite one. We couldn’t believe how expensive they are to rent and buy!


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Perfect stay-cation! However the holiday wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to some sort of gallery. We usually go to an Art Gallery on holiday however this time round, we went to something slightly different. More on that soon I hope (my dissertation writing is top priority I’m afraid!)