Lavender in Lyon

Family weddings are always incredible. When it is a Camilleri wedding (my mother’s side of the family), the wedding is madness and exuberance guaranteed!

My cousin Bernard married his lovely French bride on Saturday. This was my first experience of a French wedding and I loved it.

The wedding theme was lavender and on arriving in Valence (the bride’s home town) it was easy to see why.

Such vibrant purple was incredible, and has become a cultural symbol in this area (click here for more info). In fact, instead of confetti and/or rice, we true lavender at the bride and groom as they came out of the church and made their way to their cute red car.

The nice thing about the small village of Valence was that it was relatively tourist-free. Although this had the added difficulty of understanding and speaking French it was nice to absorb the lifestyle as well as the sun. The people were very friendly and patient with my broken French. The bride’s parents were very welcoming and invited us to a Sunday brunch with more food (especially cheese!).

The wedding itself was something out of a perfect Pinterest board. The theme was very 1950s, 1960s. This meant that with my simple blue polka dot dress and curl wanded hair, I fit right in. Emanuel, with his matching blue polka dot tie, could not be more dashing.


The church ceremony was in a small church and I liked that the groom was the first to enter with his mother, something not traditionally done elsewhere. The list of witnesses was surprising – around 6 witnesses, more than your typical two.

I was mostly impressed with the jazz band. The 75 year old clarinet player had so much energy he could out-do me in a race any day. The whole band kept everybody going in between nibbles and the main dinner courses as well as speeches and presentations. As always, the Maltese family did their bit to ensure the noise levels were through the roof at all times.

All in all, a superb holiday and wedding!



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