My take on Waldorf Salad

I remember a couple of years ago, my Mum was tired of doing the usual salads to accompany Summer BBQs. She came across the Waldorf salad, and I was very impressed. It seemed to me a high class salad. Of course, you know what happens, once you hear a term, taste a new salad, it starts appearing everywhere. You could order it at a restaurant and everyone was suggesting it and sharing the recipe.

The second time I tried it, at a friend’s house, I was less than impressed. I think it was the fact that the celery was too chunky and overtook the salad. From then on, I’ve been wary about celery and Waldorf salad in general.

Yesterday I was looking on Pinterest to see what I could make with some leftover cottage cheese (as you do!), when I came across a Waldorf salad made me cottage cheese. It got me thinking, and with some tweaks to this recipe, I made my very first Waldorf salad.

It contains:

Cottage cheese
Apples (Gala)
Cabbage (thinly sliced)
Peanuts (honey roasted)
Balsamic dressing
Cracked black pepper.

Here is the result.

cottage cheese waldorf

Pretty yummy if I do say so myself!

Do you have your own versions of classic salads?


I see cheese everywhere

I am on my last coach to Cardiff from London. My second placement is over. We had a small leaving do in the genetic counsellor office and I mistakenly (but heavenly!) popped a protein choc chip ball in my mouth. I promise you I didn’t know! It was so good but I did spit out half of it (in a non gross way!)

Chocolate is fairly easy because I’ve been doing it for years so it has become habit. The difference this year is that I’m doing it for a  cause – DeChox by the British Heart Foundation.

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Cheese on the other hand is a different matter. I honestly didn’t think it would be so difficult!  Everything has cheese, especially fast food snacks or yummy sandwiches. And since I’ve been commuting and living out of a suitcase this has been my main food course. I’m looking forward to being home in Cardiff, doing a nice shop, filling my fridge with yummy healthy wholesome food (although still  no cheese).

Christmas bakes

Christmas cake with icing and marzipan Oh my!

Mince pies and logs (maltese style)

Maple and date cake, almond tort

Who said mum’s baking ever falls short?

Some Baci in here, Mon Cheri over there

And don’t forget the Ferrero Rocher

Don’t forget Welsh cakes or shortbread bakes

Or the snowflake Swiss roll that Me and Manuelo makes.

French Toast nostalgia

First of all, Hi to my new followers!

I was planning to visit Roath Craft Market this morning but  my cold (second one this Winter already!) has made me re-think that decision. It will be there next week after all! My budget rejoices!

To compensate for being stuck inside on a day when the sun has risen, I decided to make myself a childhood favourite. Saturday mornings when we were young were often dedicated to hobbies – I started with Piano, then Art, then Drama/Dance. I could never settle. My sister Victoria had piano and athletics (she was not a give-upper!). These hobby days usually started with french toast breakfasts.


This was inevitably one of the earliest things I learnt to cook, and neighbours used to worry that Mum and Dad would leave my sister and I, and then my little sis Michaela alone at the hob. I remember Michaela getting on a chair to cook it she was still so small! (We have a photo somewhere I am sure!).

In holiday season the neighbours used to come round in their pyjamas and be treated to french toast as well. Eggs, bread and jam galore. It was like a breakfast factory! Such good times. The smell of it still takes me back and brings a smile to my face on days like today when the sun refuses to rise in Cardiff.

Emanuel, being the most creative boyfriend ever, was intrigued by my explanation of french toast. I was equally surprised that he had not had the sweet taste of French toast in his childhood. Together, we make this elaborate version of French toast. As with his lasagna and Cajun chicken, this has become a staple! However I still need him to test the simple childhood version!

A Perfect Student Cook Casserole

I love to cook. In fact, I like to experiment and I like to bake. Even more, after a stressful day at Uni, cooking is all I really want to do. Except when I don’t. Sometimes although the cupboard is stocked there doesn’t seem to be the right mix of things to make something yummy. No bacon bits for Carbonara, no noodles for stirfry etc. Sometimes I buy something different to break the cycle but am unsure what to do with it (Pasta sauce I hear you shout! Yes true but something Not pasta is usually the struggle!)

This is what happened last week. I bought 8 Cumberland Pork Sausages to have a creamy sausage pasta fest. In a mis-planning catastrophe (euphemism), turns out I had had too much pasta when it came to Friday night (happens way to often). I was going to make an omelette but had had eggs in the morning. Long story short, I found Pinterest (as always) and found this gem. An Italian style sausage bake. It had my two favourite words associated with food: Italian and bake. Although I adapted the recipe as always, I kept to the suggested timing (almost 2 hours) and was not disappointed. The vegetables I used apart from potatoes included aubergine carrots and mushrooms. Along with the olive oil I added a tablespoon of hot water and mustard and a mix of thyme, parsley and basil.

Italian Sausage Bake | Katie's Cucina

That was one hearty meal. With 8 sausages I had enough for 2 big meals and one mini lunch. Bread was a good accompaniment although the meal itself was enough. I guess hungry people could add couscous or rice, but the potatoes give the carbs you need. Definitely going in my fave recipes pile!