‘Roar!’ and my family’s gifts.

Have you heard Katy Perry’s new song? Roar! I seriously love it and it is my main packing song. Makes me feel like I’m going to be my “own hero” in Cardiff! It gives me motivation and drive. Not such a fan of the video though, I’ve seen better coming from her (Wide Awake must be one of her best!)

Yesterday was family day; making the most of my family before I bugger off. It is truly amazing how much they know me because their gifts consisted of:

–          A recipe book for salads! (Yum!)

–          A photo frame of the whole family for my new desk with the beautiful words “Family- a patchwork of love” AND

–          An OWL keychain! (squee)

We went to Il-Veduta restaurant in Mdina/Rabat and the food there is always lovely. It is a special place for my family because my grandfather used to love it. It was also the place where my Dad let us know he was leaving to Bahrain for a brilliant opportunity that gave so much to each member of our family! The view from the restaurant is another magnificent plus, hence the Maltese name of the restaurant ‘Veduta’ meaning view in English!


A great night to treasure during any lonely nights in Cymru!



Patch and a couple of Owls

2012-10-18 20.53.13


Meet Patch.

Patch was a surprising present from Emanuel about a year ago. He had gone into a toy shop to buy some material for his art and he came across this cute dog with droopy ears.  On instinct he bought it for me and was named Patch. In the beginning he came with us everywhere, on trips to the beach, the spa and even as far as Gozo. Of late, he has been taking residence on the other side of my double bed.

The big dilemma for me came the other day. Should he stay with me, or stay here in Malta? Having to explain to my room mates the need to carry a soft toy may be silly, but on the other hand, it’s an item from my old room and a gift from Emanuel, which I can keep close to me. Therefore, Patch has already entered my luggage, looking up at me with glee at the prospect of a new adventure! ^ ^

Favourite items of mine, stemming from my participation in the University Student Council (KSU) is owls.

2013-08-05 10.12.47

I have 2 statuettes (one glass, one bronze), a couple of jewellery pieces, a mug, and teapot and bookmarks. My plan was to take up the tea-pot but it is too bulky to carry in my suitcase. Still wanting to take something owl-y, I have opted to carry my KSU logo badge.



In this way, I have an owl and I am taking a chunk of my old university with me to my new University 😀